Amanda Pick and Steve Hardy
Amanda Pick

Executive Director, Missing Children's Society of Canada (MCSC)

Amanda Pick is the Executive Director of the Missing Children's Society of Canada (MCSC), a nonprofit agency that has been operating since 1986 to reunite missing children with their families through professional investigations, public awareness and family support programs.
A tenacious and forward-thinking advocate for missing children and a powerful collaborator, Amanda has made partnership a key component of the Missing Children Society's work.

This emphasis on engaging multiple ideas, voices and hands in the fundamental work of bringing missing children home resulted in the Missing Children Society's groundbreaking technology platform, the World's Most Valuable Project ( and, more recently, generated CodeSearch (, a unique and responsive corporate volunteerism program that allows for instant mobilization of people and resources on a behalf of a missing, abducted or runaway child.

Today Amanda will speak in detail about CodeSearch and how it is helping to make a genuine difference in the search for missing children.

Steve Hardy

Marketing and Sales Director, RallyEngine

Steve Hardy is the Marketing and Sales Director of RallyEngine, an award-winning app-based internal communications system for mobile teams and dispersed workforces. RallyEngine was founded in 2012 and is a commercial spinoff of CodeSearch.

Steve has had the good fortune of working with a number of exceptionally talented people on many wonderfully exciting projects in a wide range of industries.

Beginning his career in advertising at Calgary's Parallel Strategies, he then moved to Montreal to run Maisonneuve magazine, produce mobile content for Family Guy and NHL at Airborne Entertainment, and spearhead web and consumer electronics projects at tech toymaker WowWee. Other startup projects include Creative Generalist (blog/community), Warms (video gift service), and Whenabouts (adventure story for tweens).

Steve is passionate about harnessing mobile technology's inherent individualism to rally for good causes and coordinate in crucial moments.

Workshop: Herding Cats, Finding Kids, and Rallying Dispersed Teams in a Crisis

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